Our Story


Our Story


At Stealin' Blue Minis, our goal is to breed quality Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherd puppies for correct confirmation, temperament and color. We have AKC and ASDR registered dogs.

All Stealin' Blue Minis breeding pairs are genetically tested to ensure puppies will be unaffected by any of the nine genetic faults specific to the Aussie breed.

General Information

Our puppies are priced individually according to size, eye and coat color, and sex. From birth until they go to their forever homes, they are socialized and exposed to a variety of stimuli on our ranch. This is important as it gives our puppies the self-confidence to transition successfully to their new lives.

Our grown puppies reside across the United States with all kinds of family members, including children, babies, elderly, cats, other dogs, and horses, and participating in activities including parades, camping, mountain biking, horseback riding, running, travel, agility competitions, canoeing/water sports, four-wheeling, and of course extensive amounts of fetch.

Active, loving and devoted, our Toy and Mini Australian Shepherd puppies are the perfect addition to any family!

Please contact us by calling 970-560-0531 or by filling out our contact form.

Show Me The Puppies!

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Stealin' Blue Mini pups are known for their bright, healthy coats and stunning eyes. Some pups enjoy two different colored eyes, which is a unique feature of the Australian Shepherd breed.

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Stealin' Blue Minis dams and sires are thoughtfully paired to produce the best confirmation in their darling puppies. 

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Responsible breeding

Stealin' Blue Minis is dedicated to producing the healthiest Aussies in the four corners area. Our dogs are genetically tested and adults are paired to ensure pups are not affected by any of the nine genetic faults specific to the Aussie breed.

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Our Aussie pups are socialized from birth. When developmentally appropriate, our puppies interact with humans and animals, enjoy the outdoors, play with a variety of toys, and begin learning about fetch, recall and simple commands.