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Australian Shepherd Puppies in Colorado For Sale | Mini and Toy Aussies CO

Our Mini and Toy Australian Shepherd Puppies are raised on 25 acres in Colorado. We raise our aussie puppies for sale based on size and color requests.

Maeve lives in Fort Collins, Colorado

Maeve lives in Fort Collins, Colorado


Stealin' Blue Minis is a mini Australian Shepherd breeder based out of Colorado. On a ranch in the Mancos Valley, fun-loving mini and toy Aussies frolic and play. Stealin' Blue Minis prides itself on small litters of beloved family dogs. All dams, sires and puppies are well cared for and socialized with other dogs, people, and horses. Our healthy and beautiful miniature and toy Australian Shepherd puppies have gone on to live exciting lives in all over Colorado, including Denver, Fort Collins, Boulder, Durango, Cortez, and Colorado Springs.


Miniature Australian Shepherds are great dogs for Colorado for a variety of reasons, the top one being how active they are. While they are happy just being near their owners in any capacity, they are especially excited to play fetch, walk and run, hike, camp, and go to the lake. Some of our Aussies have even been known to go mountain biking, ride on motorcycles, go stand up paddle boarding, and hang out at the ski slopes. Aussies are a great fit for the outdoor Colorado lifestyle.

The two-layer (under and outer) weather resistant coats of Australian Shepherds can actually keep them cool in hot weather, though you'll want to be careful not to let them burn their paws on hot pavement in the summer and give them plenty of water.

giving puppies a solid foundation

Owners of Mini and Toy Australian Shepherds should make sure their puppies are socialized and exposed to as many new situations as possible to avoid the dogs being skittish as adults. Stealin' Blue Minis puppies encounter an extensive list of toys including balls, tug of war toys, and a puppy tunnel - most pups' favorite! Stealin' Blue Minis' owners are serious about building a foundation for their puppies to ensure a life of happiness, confidence, and trusting with their forever families.

from our colorado family to yours

Stealin' Blue Minis toy and mini Aussies make loving and loyal companions to Coloradans of every age, from toddlers to the elderly. Though the dogs love to be active, they are also willing to lay calmly at their owner’s feet (or in their laps) for quiet time, which makes them dogs suited to nearly any lifestyle. 


Wondering if there are any Mini Australian Shepherds for sale on our Colorado ranch? Contact Stealin' Blue Minis by email, phone or our Contact Us page. We are happy to answer any of your questions. We will also ask our own questions to be sure you are ready to accommodate one of our darling puppies.